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“There’s a time and a place for everything and it’s called ‘college.’” Unfortunately, that’s true in many circumstances. College is a time when we stretch our wings and find out what all the world has to offer. Let’s make sure that students still know what Christ has to offer through the various outreaches among college campuses.

Thanks for your interest in college students! We have a tremendous opportunity to reach the 1.2 million college students in Texas. Did you know that current statistics tell us that 70% of students drop out of church when they graduate from high school? We want to reverse that trend. Our mission is to introduce students to Christ and help them grow through BSM (Baptist Student Ministry) and church based college ministry.

BSM Staff

We have BSM staff on campuses in Texas who are there to reach the lost and grow the saved. BSM values evangelism, missions, discipleship, leadership development, and church life. BSM Staff also work closely with the churches and associations in their area in order to connect students to churches and churches to students. Find a BSM near you.

Resources for Church College Ministry

The Collegiate ChurchLife Network is a free network of people who work with college students (College Ministers, College Pastors, Youth Ministers, Pastors, Parents, Sunday school teachers, volunteers, etc.). We can help you with resources such as training and equipping your church leaders and providing connections with the local campuses. Contact us at collegeministry [ at ] texasbapitsts.org or call Ginger Bowman at (214) 577-7866.

Go Now Missions for College Students

Go Now Missions offers many ways for students to serve throughout the year. Become part of something bigger by serving as a: 2 to 3 week Christmas Break Missionary, 10-week Summer Missionary, 2 to 4 week Summer Impact Team Missionary, or 4-10 month Semester Missionary.

International Student Ministry Assistance

Looking for ways to reach international students? We can help you with resources such as language-specific Bibles, English teaching, and Bible study materials, as well as training for your leaders. Contact us at collegeministry [ at ] texasbapitsts.org or call Joanna Jespersen at (214)-235-7319.

Opening Doors: International Students »

They come from China, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil — literally every corner of the globe. They are the 671,000 international students living in the U.S. today, the 58,000 studying at Texas Universities and colleges. In this short video, learn what life is like for international students and how you can have a part in changing so many lives, so many families by loving on the world that has come to your doorstep. More »