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Healthy families grounded on faith in Christ create healthy churches, healthy communities and a healthy nation. We provide training, resources and tools to assist church leaders in developing effective and caring family ministries.

We intend for this page to be a constantly updated resource page for you to find relevant, exceptional, helpful tools to assist you in ministering to your families in a variety of ways. We will recommend tools, tell you about upcoming events, give you the ability to network with other Texas churches who are doing creative family ministry, and more. Keep checking back, as we expect this page to change on a regular basis as we find more exciting things to share with you.

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Upcoming Events

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Web Based Resources

      • www.beabetterdadtoday.com – Building a better future for your kids begins with the right tools. 10 powerful, practical tools to help men be better fathers, husbands, and men. Hear Christian author and former U.S. Ambassador Gregory W. Slayton as he shares with you the story behind the brand new Christian Bestseller, Be A Better Dad Today.
      • Marriage Alive: Transforming Marriage & Family Relationships – Marriage Alive is the ministry of David & Claudia Arp, one of the most well-known and experienced couples in marriage and family ministry.  You’ll find great resources for your church and/or family.
      • Cos Davis, Ed. D. – Great Family Ministry & Parenting tools from Cos Davis, a former family ministry consultant with Lifeway for many years. See his books and resources to help you with your children and salvation and much more.
      • Hope & Help for the Single Mom – Lori Little has put together an exceptionally practical, helpful resource for single moms. This resource can be used in churches AND directly by single moms as a great asset to help them thrive in the midst of their overwhelming circumstances. I highly recommend this resource! Check it out today!
      • www.nameonline.net – National Association of Marriage Enhancement – National Covenant Marriage Movement
      • TWO-Gether In Texas – for information on the Texas Pre-Marital Education courses offered in YOUR area, click here.
      • www.family.org – Focus on the Family – tools, resources, equipping for families
      • www.neveralone.net – Intimate Life Ministries – encourage a movement of healthy ministerial and lay leaders with healthy marriages and families
      • www.laughyourway.com – Mark Gungor – Laugh Your Way Marriage Enrichment Resources – I’ve never hosted a marriage enrichment course at our church that was received any better than this! Attendance grew over the 5 weeks of the course! We started out with around 12 couples in attendance, and ended up with over 25 couples in attendance! Now we’re planning it again as a weekend event! Practical, down to earth, and FUN! Life–changing, hard–hitting, funny, easy to take. You’ve got to try this! Call me about this awesome material! I highly recommend Mark’s video series!
      • www.daveramsey.com – Financial Peace University – I’ve never seen a better, more practical tool for helping your families become debt free and put money into savings. Based specifically on a scriptural understanding of stewardship (management), this works! The average family who completes this 13 week course pays off $5300 in debt and puts $2700 in savings! Just imagine the impact on those families! Just imagine the impact on your church! Call me about this easy to facilitate course!
      • Also, Gary Smalley answers important questions about marriage and relationships – click here for direct, open, and helpful answers to questions people are really asking.
      • www.couplecheckup.com – for dating, engaged, or married couples – a tremendous site that includes books, tools to help you identify your strengths and areas where you need to grow. Also has tools to assist you in finding a counselor if necessary.
      • www.anthemnorthtexas.org – Anthem (Alliance for North Texas Healthy Effective Marriages) is a non–profit we’re partnering with in the north Texas area to provide a variety of healthy marriage initiatives. Their website describes much of their work and many of the free marriage education courses they offer in the area. Click here to see the exciting video about the free ANTHEM Marriage enrichment workshop. Anthem is a great partner, and has many great training opportunities for communication skills, anger management, conflict resolution, and more.
      • Save Marriages – www.marriagesavers.org – Marriage Savers is a Proven Way to Increase the Success of Marriage, Reduce Divorce Rates, and Provide a Better Environment for Children to Thrive. Includes information on creating a Community Marriage Policy, Marriage Mentoring programs, and more. Click here to see a video clip from Good Morning America on this marriage saving program.
      • Find a local counselor through Focus on the Family– Focus on the family can help you find a local counselor for the situation you are currently facing, in a wide variety of issues, including marriage, family, children, depression, substance abuse, and more.