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          • Marriage Today – www.marriagetoday.org – resources, articles, tools, and encouragement from Jimmy & Karen Evans Ministry based in the DFW area. Authors of great marriage resources such as “Marriage on the Rock”, and many others, you’ll find many up–to–date tools and helps here, including mp3 downloads, daily email encouragement, and much more.
          • Association of Marriage & Family Ministries – This association was organized to give those in Marriage and Family ministry access to the finest resources and the training of those resources, by bridging the relationships between the Resource Providers and Resource Users. Designed for pastors, teachers, counselors, marriage & family educators, ministers, church & para–church organizations, and others who serve the Lord in the area of Marriage & Family Ministry.
            http://www.marriages.net/ – Growing Toward Oneness Marriage Ministries – With a passion toward marriage and equipping couples to build strong marriages God’s way, these ministry friendly couples help couples lay a Godly foundation, construct, maintain & sustain, restore and renew their marriages, all according to God’s blueprint, and train other couples to do the same. Find a couple near you to provide marriage leader training, lead a marriage conference, do conferences for your engaged couples, provide marriage resources, and more.

Networking Resources

Churches in TX who have active, creative Family Ministries – Let us know what you’re doing, and we’ll publish a contact list for those who want to know who to talk to.

A regularly updated, “Family Ministry Success Stories” section, from our churches – email us with your success stories, and we’ll publish them here.

Churches with staff people specifically assigned to this ministry, and contact information – if you’re a staff person with a full or part time assignment for family ministry, let us know!

family [at] texasbaptists.org

Additional Tools


As we gather information from churches and discover what’s working and where, we’ll be glad to bring this information to you and help you evaluate your situation and look at options to assist you in building effective ministries to your families.


Both statewide and/or regional events (promoted here, www.texasbaptists.org/family)


We’ll keep our eye out for good family enrichment Bible studies, and let you know about them here. We’ll look for opportunities to publish the same through BaptistWay Press, and tell you here when it happens.

          • Click here to download a free full-color sample “Love Dare” bible study.  This 14 page, 2 session sample will give you a great start on a tremendous resource for your married adult Sunday School class or discipleship class.  Details on pricing for the complete study are included on the back cover of the sample.
          • Also, click here for a brief video message from Michael Catt, pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church, where the Love Dare movie was written and produced.
          • For more details go to www.lifeway.com/fireproof


To support churches as they seek to educate, inform, and encourage their families in:

          • Parenting
          • Financial planning and management
          • Marriage enrichment
          • Caring for aging parents
          • Planning for retirement
          • Grand-parenting
          • And much more…

Book Recommendations

Good Books we’ve recently found – (We’ll take YOUR recommendations, too!)

          • At the Marriage Vine bookstore, you’ll find a great variety of marriage enrichment book titles, such as Gary Chapman’s “A Couples Guide to a Growing Marriage”, and much more.  Plus, you can sign up for a daily marriage encouragement email.
          • The Healthy Marriage Handbook – 2001 – From B&H Publishing Group – ISBN# 978-080549054-1 – www.bhpublishinggroup.com
          • Living Together – Myths, Risks & Answers – by Mike & Harriet McManus – foreword by Chuck Colson – 2008 – Howard Books – ISBN # 978-1-4165-5098-3
          • Marriage Savers: Helping Your Friends & Family Avoid Divorce – paperback – 1996 – Michael J. McManus
          • Click here for a summary of “Living Together: Myths, Risks, and Answers”.  Though cohabitation is a cancer that affects more than half of our marriages today and is a marriage destroyer, most of our churches do not address this issue.  See this article for a great introduction to this well written book and find a way to create a real Marriage Insurance Policy – what amounts to a 97% survival rate for marriage!  Click here to purchase a copy today.
          • Be A Better Dad Today – Building a better future for your kids begins with the right tools. 10 powerful, practical tools to help men be better fathers, husbands, and men. Visit www.beabetterdadtoday.com for information on how to order this brand new Christian Bestseller for yourself, or for ALL the dads in your church or Sunday School class!

Rececnt Articles

Are you a mom plagued by fatigue? – click here for immediate solutions and ideas.

From Diane Sollee, Director, Smart Marriage Coalition – www.smartmarriages.com

The #1 Predictor of Divorce -
We finally know what’s different about couples that stay happily married. It’s not that they are better matched, better looking, more in love or more passionate. It’s not that they have fewer differences or less to fight about. In fact… [ More ]

On Lifeway’s website, I recently found a great article with some very good book recommendations,
“God’s Plan for Two Becoming One”, Written by JB & Shugie Collingsworth

The day before our wedding my uncle, who was to marry us, asked, “Shugie, are you a perfect person?” “No sir,” I quickly answered. Then he turned to JB, “JB, are you a perfect person?” “No sir, I’m not,” JB replied. Uncle Landrum then announced, “Well, I hate to tell you…”  click here to read more.

Tell us what your needs are in ministering to your families!  We WANT to hear from you as we build this ministry!

Contact Keith Lowry, Family Ministry Specialist, BGCT
(214) 828-5206

Divorce, Remarriage, Prevention & Ministry

In our churches and society today, divorce has wreaked a devastation whose cost and impact will probably never be fully calculated.   Marriage was the first institution God started on the earth, and we’ve allowed so-called “no-fault” divorce laws to bring about desolation in the families of our country.  And the church has often failed to respond effectively, either to find ways to prevent divorce, or to minister to those whose lives have been destroyed by it.  It’s time to change that. [ More ]