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 Congolese Community in North Texas

The Congolese community is concentrated from Irving westward through Euless, Bedford, Arlington and Grand Prairie. Read More »

Cuban Community in North Texas

The first Cuban immigrants came to this country in 1959, shortly after Fidel Castro’s overthrow of the Batista dictatorship. Read More »

El Salvadorian Community in North Texas

Spread across the northern half of the DFW Metropolis, an estimated 80,000 Salvadorians have found a safe haven from the political oppression, massacres and violence that devastated their country. Read More »

Ethiopian Community in North Texas

Many Ethiopian immigrants have fled their country because of discrimination based on ethnic or tribal origin. Read More »

Filipino Community in North Texas

The strong and well-organized Filipino community numbers only about 25,000, yet their impact belies those moderate numbers. Read More »

German Community in North Texas

Germans were one of the first immigrant groups to move to America, arriving in Jamestown in 1608. More recently, between 1919 and 1930, 430,000 war refugees from Germany immigrated to the United States. Read More »

Iceland Community in North Texas

The smallest of all communities responding to this survey, the local immigrant population from Iceland is estimated at sixty people, which, surprisingly, comprises the Icelandic Association of North Texas. Read More »