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Mexican Community From North Texas

Between 1990 and 2000 the growth of the DFW Mexican immigrant population was 202.7%, more than triple of the growth figures reported in 1990. Read More »

Nigerian Community in North Texas

Like most other African immigrants, Nigerians were drawn to the United States by its promise of opportunities and financial betterment. Read More »

Norwegian Community from North Texas

Galveston, Texas, was Texas’s Ellis Island with the 1860 census listing 516 Texans as immigrants from Norway. Even today the dream of ‘more economic and social freedom’ draws them to this region. Read More »

Pakistani Community in North Texas

The exodus from Pakistan began in the 70’s, with many Pakistanis drawn to the U.S. by its excellent institutions of higher education. Read More »

Peruvian Community in North Texas

Peruvians come from a rich and culturally diverse country. They are proud of their history and heritage but battered by corrupt governments. One of the main reasons they leave their native country has been the experience of continued economic hardship. Read More »

Puerto Rican Community in North Texas

Puerto Ricans are the only immigrant group that holds U.S. citizenship. This is also the only international community clearly indicated among the possible selections on the US census. Read More »

Thai Community in North Texas

Like many other immigrant groups, Thai Americans in this region came first to take advantage of the U.S.’s excellent system of higher education. Elements in Asia’s “brain drain”, they chose the greater opportunities available here difficult over the economic hardships and limited potential for growth facing their peers in Thailand. Read More »

Tongan Community in North Texas

The Tongan community includes those immigrants who have lived here for 30 years or more plus new arrivals. Tongans come to this region because the political system back in their native countries has not been open and democratic. Read More »

Turkish Community in North Texas

The cultural-humanitarian impact of the metroplex Turkish community surpasses its small numbers. For the past few years, the Turkish Festival has presented metroplex residents with turkey’s best folk dance troupe, the best Turkish pop band in the country and extraordinary traditional dishes. Read More »

Ukranian Community in North Texas

Read More »

Vietnamese Community in North Texas

Vietnamese comprise the largest population of Southeast Asian refugees to have settled in the United States. With their American-born children, they number approximately 995,000. Read More »