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Ken Davis – www.kendavis.com – Ken is a master of exceptionally family friendly comedy with a message of hope and nuggets of wisdom. On his website are plenty of sample video clips that will have you laughing and sharing clips with all your buddies! His off-kilter look at life is so funny and perfectly skewers us right where we are, we can’t help but find ourselves laughing out loud at ourselves, and suddenly, we see opportunities for change.

Moses Caesar – www.mosesbook.com – I had lunch with Moses last week! (How’d you like to be able to say THAT to your friends?!) We were running a little late, because he got lost on the way down here to my office. (To be expected where Moses is concerned, I guess!) But the meeting was incredibly refreshing and exciting! Check out “The Waiting Revolution”, and other resources at www.mosesbook.com, including his recent book, “The Tree in the Middle of My Garden”. On his site you’ll find video clips, his book, information about how you can arrange for him to come and speak to your group, and more. Moses is planning the conference for the Labor Day Retreat at Glorieta, with Lifeway’s blessing, and it is going to be EXCITING and DYNAMIC! See more information about the Labor Day retreat under “events”.

www.thesinglesnetwork.org – This is the organization of Kris Swiatocho, the engaging, humorous, and hip author/speaker who kept us all laughing and learning and on the edge of our seats at our single adult leadership conference at Sunnyvale FBC last April. We got SO many compliments on Kris’s presentations! Keep up with her calendar, contact her for booking, order her books, cd’s, dvd’s, and more. “Hey Kris!”

www.brentgambrell.com – Brent is a dynamic speaker/author/missionary whom I first heard at the ’08 SAM Conference in Orlando. He is funny, passionate, and living out the things he preaches. If you want your group to get passionate about missions, you need to hear Brent! His contagious enthusiasm is impossible to escape!

Mark Gungor Interview – Mark is the author of the “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” series which I’ve used multiple times and feel so strongly about. In this brief interview with CBN News, he voices some strong opinions about marriage, about how long we’re encouraging our children to remain single, and about how well we’re preparing, (or failing to do so), our kids for healthy marriages. You may or may not agree with everything Mark says, but it’s sure to spark healthy discussion of these vital issues! Take a look!

Please, send more suggestions of sites you use regularly for ideas, information, tools, and resources for your ministry…

Networking Resources

Churches in TX who have active, creative Single Adult Ministries – Let us know what you’re doing, and we’ll publish a contact list for those who want to know who to talk to.

A regularly updated, “Single Adult Ministry Success Stories” section, from our churches – email us at with your success stories, and we’ll publish them here.

Churches with staff people specifically assigned to this ministry, and contact information – if you’re a staff person with a full or part time assignment for single adult ministry, let us know!

Additional Tools

Consultations – as we gather information from churches and discover what’s working and where, we’ll be glad to bring this information to you and help you evaluate your situation and look at options to assist you in building effective ministries to your single adults.

Training, both statewide and/or regional events promoted on www.bgct.org/singleadult

When you visit texas.e-quip.net, you’ll have access anytime, anywhere, to hundreds of free training videos from leading practitioners across North America, including Texas Baptists.

Click below to view training videos from the Single Adult Leadership Conference at FBC Sunnyvale:

Curriculum – we’ll keep our eye out for good single adult enrichment Bible studies, and let you know about them here. We’ll look for opportunities to publish the same through Baptist Way Press, and tell you here when it happens.

Products to support churches as they seek to educate, inform, and encourage their single adults in:

  • Single Parenting
  • Financial planning and management
  • Relationship enrichment
  • Caring for aging parents Planning for retirement
  • Pre-Marital tools, encouragement, ideas, suggestions,
  • And much more…

Book Recommendations

Good Books we’ve recently found– (We’ll take YOUR recommendations, too!)

Recent Articles

  • Tell us what your needs are in ministering to your single adults! We WANT to hear from you as weRe build this ministry!
  • Saw a great article on Christian Singles Today recently on Singleness & Scripture. This really does answer some myths and builds a healthy theology around this particular state of life. Written by Lisa Harper, author, sought-after speaker, columnist for Today’s Christian Woman magazine.

Singleness and Scripture

What the Bible really says about those who aren’t married
by Lisa Harper
May 21, 2008
I had the privilege of speaking at a church last Mother’s Day. I felt privileged, because any time I’m able to talk about Jesus is a treat. But I also felt uncomfortable, because I’m over 40, single, and childless. Mother’s Day is a celebration earmarked for minivan-driving women with a gaggle of children—not women like me. The day’s meant for women who woke up to a lovely breakfast prepared by a doting husband—not women who woke up alone at the Fairfield Inn.

Click here to read more.