2013 Annual Meeting Messenger Information

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by Coleen Robbins — June 10, 2013

I’ve heard that some of you have questions about messenger cards as they relate to this year’s Family Gathering in San Antonio. Below is a little information taken from the Messenger Information page of the Annual Meeting web site. You may read below, or click here to visit the page. If you have any questions, please contact me at coleen.robbins@texasbaptists.org or 214-828-5228.

Every church affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas is encouraged to send messengers to the organization’s Annual Meeting. Messengers participate in the gathering, fellowship with leaders from around the state, experience inspirational worship, gain practical training and guide the ministries of Texas Baptists for the upcoming year.

In early May, the BGCT will send a letter to your church asking whether it would like to request messenger registration cards. When a church indicates it would like to send messengers, the convention sends the church its messenger cards, which include specific and important data. Each messenger needs to bring his or her messenger registration card to the Annual Meeting.

Messengers who do not have properly endorsed messenger registration cards will have to be processed through the Credentials Committee at the Annual Meeting in San Antonio.

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