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Alliance Education Initiative

by Rand Jenkins — July 18, 2014

Church: Alliance Church, Lubbock

Pastor: Jesse Rincones

Initiative: Alliance Education Initiative

What is one thing your church has had success with in the local community?

We have been working to bring awareness to and address the educational challenges facing the Hispanic community, both inside and outside the church. This “one thing” is actually several different efforts that come under an umbrella that I call the Alliance Education Initiative.

Here are a few of facets that are part of this effort:


Jay Abernathy

by Rand Jenkins — July 18, 2014

Name: Jay Abernathy 

Wife: Kelle (McHan) Abernathy of Abilene, TX 

Children: Hannah (married to Trevor Brown, youth pastor at FBC Round Rock), Hayley (a Master’s of Social Work student at Baylor), Caleb (a Freshman at Baylor)

Church: First Baptist Church of Palestine, TX 

Number of years: 14 

Attendance: 250

Where did you grow up?

I started in Richardson, TX (FBC Richardson), but some may debate if it’s a completed process yet.

How old were you when you became a Christian and what is the strongest memory about that time?

When I was 7 years old, my grandfather and I went on a walk. While…


Starting a Legacy

by Rand Jenkins — June 2, 2014

INDEPENDENCE – On Sunday morning, June 1, at the oldest continuously running Baptist church in Texas, Robert E. Dixon and Dr. Paul W. Powell were honored for the legacies they started and what they became through the Texas Baptist Legacy Award.

Bryan Finley, a member of First Baptist Church of Kerrville, led the group in Bible study and posed the question, “When does a legacy begin?” Through scripture and biblical personalities like Abraham, Moses, Joshua and others, he summed up the answer with, “Legacy begins by starting something God directed. It continues when others who are directed by God to join the initiator who…


Reyes Named Director of Christian Life Commission

by Rand Jenkins — January 13, 2014

DALLAS – Agustin “Gus” Lucas Reyes, PhD., was named the new director of BGCT’s Christian Life Commission (CLC).

The CLC’s role within Texas Baptist life is to speak to ethical issues and how they impact our lives and legislation.

“Dr. Reyes’ work with education and immigration reform on a state and federal government level has proven his passion and ability to give a voice to those who have no voice,” Dr. David Hardage, Executive Director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas said. “After receiving applications and conducting interviews from a national search, we discovered the person God has placed before us for this…


Hospitality House comforts during loss

by Rand Jenkins — July 22, 2013

People face decisions every day. Some have little affect. Others impact every aspect of life, friends and family.

Almost 20 years ago, he pled guilty to a crime that the state of Texas deems worthy of the death penalty. And it’s set for 6:00 tonight.

In the meantime, some siblings and relatives sit around a game table playing Monopoly next to a large fish tank. Just before lunch, other family members come out of their rooms. One is wearing a t-shirt with the printed image of another relative who died recently due to illness. She looks as if she’s ready for all of this to be over but hopeful nonetheless for a stay of…