Church born from tragedy to serve students

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by Guest Author — August 22, 2013

In the wake of two teen suicides and 20 student drug overdoses in the 2010-2011 school year, Hip Hop Hope Missions, an outreach program of Eyes On Me Inc, responded to a call from a local missionary, pastor and High School assistant principle and reached into a community to serve the students of Royal High School. They connected with the students through music in a general assembly that encouraged and entertained them during the school hours. In the evening they held a concert where they preached the gospel and over 100 students responded to the Gospel that evening.

From that point they began to meet students’ needs through discipleship after school, then expanding into feeding students meals, tutoring, backpack drives and more outreach events.

[youtube ABzEW-4wlTA ]

Out of that initial investment, Christian hip-hop artist Bobby “Tre9” Herring felt the call to start Out Tha Box Church for the under served youth in Brookshire. A church whose membership is comprised mostly of students, Out Tha Box connects with students who want to grow in their faith.

As the 2013-14 school year is starting, are you looking for a place to connect with students? You can find mission opportunities to work with students by contacting a school close to your church or through Be On Mission. You can search by Category types Education, Community Outreach/Development, Inner City Ministry, Youth Ministry or College Ministry. You may also toggle between Open, Ongoing and Completed projects on the map by using the color pins above the search tool.

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