It’s never too late

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by John Hall — July 29, 2013

Many a pastor has said it while giving an invitation: It’s never too late to turn to Jesus. He’s always there with open arms. He calls each of us.

It just takes some people longer to respond to His love than others.

A Unitarian, Jim had always been interested in spiritual matters. He’s a man who likes to ask questions and look for explanations. He has done plenty of both.

But answers never got him closer to God. In some ways, that’s how life is. You can know all the answers, but never really know the God who has all the answers. That can only happen through a relationship with Him. And that changes everything.

Just like it changed everything for a group of men that Jim watched from a distance at his apartment complex for retirees. There was something different about them. Finally, he approached them and released the desire of his heart: “I want what you fellows have.”

The men welcomed him into their group. It’s precisely what they’d wanted to do one day. They gathered in the building to pray each week. Jim was one of the people they prayed for regularly. They hoped he’d find the hope of Christ.

At age 98, Jim found it through them. He bonded with the group. He professed Christ as Lord and Savior. He’s following God daily. Last week, he participated in Texas Baptists’ Family Gathering for the first time. He’s part of First Baptist Church in San Antonio and the larger family of Texas Baptists.

Jim still doesn’t have all the answers. He’s still asking questions. But now he knows the God with all the answers.

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