One = Three = Six!

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by Linda Wear — July 11, 2013

Can you believe it? You can provide 6 people with a nutritious meal for just ONE DOLLAR! Between now and August 31, you can anyway. The David M. Crowley Foundation has issued a generous $100,000 matching challenge to friends of the North Texas Food Bank. On an average day the NTFB personnel can turn $1 into three nutritious meals for food insecure individuals who live in the 13-counties they serve—an amazing feat in itself. By donating as part of the matching challenge, you can turn those three meals into six! Let’s see…$5 means 30 meals; $10 means 60 meals; and so it goes. Who of you can resist an opportunity to feed hungry people when even a small amount can make such a difference! Don’t wait. Send your donation to the North Texas Food Bank, PO. Box 731226, Dallas, TX 75373-1226

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