We Need More Glue

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by Tim Studstill — October 21, 2013

If you are falling apart, you need more glue! According to Kathleen Chapman, keynote speaker for our upcoming Children’s Worship University, “The glue is worship – worshipping God!” She presents this challenging concept in her book, Teaching Kids Authentic Worship: How to Keep Them Close to God for Life.

Decades of children’s leaders have enticed kids to attend, memorize, perform, etc., using fun gimmicks that produce immediate results. Yet a disheartening percentage of these well-taught children end up walking away from God as youth or young adults. Why? How do we connect the energy and excitement so appealing to children with a well-organized ministry laying a strong biblical foundation that will ground them in faith for life?

According to Mrs. Chapman, the connection, the “glue”, is worship. She believes the word worship has been “overused, misused, and sometimes abused. It needs to be explained anew – especially to children and to those who teach them.” Kathleen brings a lifetime of experience with children’s ministry and music teaching to her conferences exploring worship and ways we can teach true worship to our children. For, “If true worship is not taught, it will never happen.” Come learn how, through the ministry of music, to apply the glue that will help children become lifelong adherents to the faith.

You will not want to miss this Children’s Worship University! Register now for an exciting, challenging and inspirational weekend, Training World Class WORSHIPPERS: One God, One Voice, One Body. January 24-25, 2014, at First Baptist Church, Lewisville. This event is designed for everyone who works with children in the area of music: choir coordinators, directors, helpers, weekday educators, children’s worship leaders and others. Join us as we explore how to keep our kids glued to God!

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