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DALLAS – Texas Baptists endorsed Hollas and Nelda Hoffman as the first Oil Patch Chaplains on Monday, February 24, during a meeting of the Executive Board. The Hoffmans, of Gonzales, will serve on the oil fields of South Texas as chaplains. Full Story »


WAXAHACHIE – Military personnel’s fight rages well beyond the battlefield, and chaplains are on the frontlines. Full Story »

Air Force Chaplain

Texas Baptists-endorsed Chaplain Bobby Page was confirmed as second in command over Air Force chaplains May 24. Full Story »

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State prisons hold nearly 1.4 million inmates, the bulk of America’s convicted prisoners. Correctional authorities routinely release statistics on the age, sex, racial and ethnic composition of this population. But little information has been available to the public on religion in state prisons. A new survey conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, “Religion in Prisons: A 50-State Survey of Prison Chaplains,” presents a rare window into religion behind bars from the vantage point of professional prison chaplains. Full Story »


When I left local church ministry almost forty years ago to return to graduate school and become a family therapist, my father the preacher was visibly wounded.  “Son,” he said, “I am disappointed to see you leaving the ministry.”  I replied, “Dad, I am leaving church work to enter the ministry.”  In the event that my father and I have offended clergy or counselors present, let me share two factors that influenced that brief dialogue: 1. My Dad had made psychologists the target of many sermons.  2. I had ended up in an administrative position in a large urban congregation and felt far removed from those I felt called to serve. Full Story »

Camp Lejeune 183

As we end this month’s Opening Doors, I wanted to give you some further resources for exploring military ministry at a deeper level as well as challenge you to consider how you can support them. Full Story »


You watch as a soldier gets off the plane. You wonder where he is returning from and if it was somewhere he wants to forget.

He gets back to base and tries to get back into the routine. But that’s all it is… routine. He misses home. Where things made sense. Where he could nap on that old plaid couch (at least until dad let the dog in), drink a cup of good coffee and maybe, if he asked nicely, Mom would still make him his favorite cookies. Full Story »