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AUSTIN – After initially being proposed for elimination, professional prison chaplaincy remains in the Texas budget. Full Story »


It has come to that point in the month where I want to share with you a few resources that I have found for prison ministry.

One of the best resources for volunteers, ex-offenders and families of offenders is the Restorative Justice Ministry Network. This site and ministry is a wonderful portal to more than 60,000 individuals, ministries and churches in the U.S. and Canada who deal with all types of ministry to those touched by the prison system. The ministry sorts resources by topics such as aftercare, criminal justice professions, correspondence, families, juvenile outreach, prison/jail ministry, residential programs, victim services, helping you know just how to connect to the needs you see or feel called to address. Full Story »

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They lead the nation in divorces, suicide, substance abuse and spousal abuse. They are correctional officers who work to keep our state safe.

Not every officer exists in this situation, but because their jobs are in such a tough environment dealing with substance abuse, violence and rebellion, it is often hard for them to turn off their reactions to what they see all day in prison once they return home. Full Story »

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They have been forgiven by the grace of God and have been called out to seek a life of discipleship in Him. The only difference from them and you is they have a past that includes incarceration.

Because of this past, many traditional churches are not connecting with their needs. Because of the labels they now carry, some churches are not able to let them around children, making it difficult for them to find community, a place of worship and a group for discipleship. Full Story »

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Join Fellowship Hall guest host Ferrell Foster as he visits with Mark Hollis, who leads Texas Baptist Men’s Inmate Discipler Fellowship, about his experience as a prisoner and how God used that experience to transform his life and through his prison ministry, the lives of countless offenders. Full Story »


Henry Blackaby, author of the Experiencing God series, says he commonly sees God working in two places — among CEOs and in prisons. Behind thick walls and steel bars, God is working through His followers to change lives radically. See how God is moving through the criminal justice system in Texas. Will you join other Texas Baptists who are experiencing God’s movement in prisons?

Full Story »

Johnny Flowers (left) with Pastor David Valentine

Johnny Flowers was released from prison a little over a month ago. As he stood in front of the Wall Unit in Huntsville, he said that the on the first day he was out of prison, he was scared – so scared that he said he felt safer inside the prison.

He had no place to go. He had no one to help him make better decisions. And no one to help him re-enter into the society which he had been absent from for the last 20 years. Full Story »