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Picture this: Your spouse has been arrested and sent to a prison 200 miles from your house. Six months later, you finally are able to get security clearance to go visit your spouse, but you have no one to stay with your two elementary-age daughters. You are so desperate to see your spouse that you pile your daughters into the car and go ahead and make the journey, not knowing what all to expect when you get there. Full Story »


Delvin Mouton is a diligent, faithful man in his early 30s and he is leading men around him into relationships with the Lord.

He preaches a message of change, sharing how falling in love with Jesus was the best thing that ever happened to him and could be the same thing for them. Instead of “being a slave to Satan,” he now is a “Warrior for Christ.” Full Story »


Mark Hollis will tell you that God is making big changes behind prison walls, big life changes. And he’s seen it first hand as he has lead Texas Baptist Men Inmate Discipler Fellowship since 1990.

The initial idea for the program was to take seminary courses into prisons. But as Mark and other leaders began to research this opportunity, they found that there was a huge need first for basic Christian discipleship training. Full Story »

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They are mothers, fathers, daughters, sisters, brothers and sons.

Some have caused the pain, hurt and separation, while some are trapped in this lifestyle due to family association. Full Story »