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Kumbayah Post

In 2010, a story in The New York Times noted that the song, “Kumbaya,” had lately been “transformed into snarky shorthand for ridiculing a certain kind of idealism, a quest for common ground.” Full Story »


I stumbled across a web page the other day that created a deep sense of sadness within me. It’s a page of the Tampa Bay Times which presents mug shots of people arrested in the area. Full Story »


There is a young man out there who is a fugitive from justice, and he probably doesn’t even remember his fifth-grade crime. I remember it because when you make a man’s daughter cry, you can make that man rather angry. Full Story »

David Ludwick listens to a lecture about the virtues of being godly during his seminary class in the Darrington Unit in Rosharon. (Houston Chronicle photo)

Faith-based programs are having a positive impact in Texas prisons, and the leaders of one such program have written a helpful opinion piece in the Houston Chronicle.

Texas Baptists are highly involved in faith-based efforts, with funds provided through the Texas Baptist Cooperative Program and the Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions. Our efforts seek to have a life-changing impact on inmates and their families, but we also seek to make sure these efforts are pursued in a manner that respects the important principle of separation of church and state. Full Story »

2012-03-27 Human trafficking meeting 1 smaller

The CLC and Texas WMU hosted a wonderful meeting Tuesday, March 27, of ministries connected to Texas Baptists working to combat human trafficking. We learned what each ministry is doing in order to look at possible collaborations going forward. Texas Baptists are at the forefront on this. Pray that God will direct and empower. Full Story »


Ken Camp, managing editor of the Baptist Standard, has written a story from message delivered by Texas Baptist Pastor Michael Evans at the 2012 Christian Life Conference. Ken writes the following: Full Story »


AUSTIN – After initially being proposed for elimination, professional prison chaplaincy remains in the Texas budget. Full Story »