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The Bible warns we should be careful of the enemy whose only mission is to kill, steal and destroy, even the innocence of our children. The African Evangelical Baptist Church’s Lifted Youth of Grand Prairie is seeking to bring awareness to sexual abstinence with an event that they have hosted for three years entitled, ‘True Love Waits’. Full Story »

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ARLINGTON – Youth ministry isn’t easy. It requires long hours, unending energy, incredible patience and deep commitment. Full Story »


DALLAS – The world is coming to Texas, landing at the airport with a single bag. Full Story »


DECATUR – Luis Guevara feels called by God to minister to youth in Decatur. Life as a Christian is an exciting adventure, and he wants local young people to know it. Full Story »


It is amazing the lessons we can learn cross-culturally by studying scripture with cross-cultural eyes.  Today let’s look at the story of Ruth especially focusing on Ruth 2:15-16. Full Story »


ARLINGTON – It’s time for the church to connect with students in a different way, said leaders at Texas Baptists Youth Ministry Conclave in Arlington Oct. 15-17.

This way is through authenticity, making churches places where students can express doubt, wrestle through hard answers about God and understand that God likes and delights in them, said Kara Powell, co-author of Sticky Faith and executive director of the Youth Institute at Fuller Seminary. Full Story »


Today, let’s look at the story of Daniel as we continue looking at some familiar scriptures that have cross-cultural implications. The book of Daniel begins with King Nebuchadnezzar capturing Israelites and relocating them to Babylon. The king orders the young, healthy, strong men to be placed in his palace and trained to eventually serve his court. Daniel and other young men from Judah were placed in the care of a guard, who had received specific instructions on their diet and training. Full Story »