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boomer conference 2013

ALLEN – The largest cohort of Americans also happens to be the one that’s living longer than all those who came before it. Full Story »

FBCR legacy

Every person hopes to live a life that will be remembered, that will spread a legacy of honor and good for generations, for family that is to come.

First Baptist Church in Richardson is helping remember the lives of senior adults through a ministry that allows elderly church members to record their life stories and key life moments so that they can leave their legacy for their families and future generations. Full Story »

grandmother on the phone

Only a few church members can say they’ve studied God’s word while airborne! And that includes a few church members from First Baptist Church of Huntsville, Ala. Full Story »


For the elderly, they often feel forgotten, feel excluded from the world. But A Time to Share, a ministry started by Jerry and Nancy Haning and their daughter Ashley Shadbolt, is bringing Christmas cheer and a loving touch to senior adults in need in the Amarillo area. Full Story »


For three years on each Friday, Judy* went to visit a sweet, homebound lady who was in her early 90s. Sometimes the two women would have lunch together. Other times Judy would just visit with the lady or take on a few errands she needed to run. Full Story »

where are they

To be involved in ministry for the elderly and homebound, you first have to find them. So how do you make that happen? Here are a few ideas to get you connected to the elderly in your community. Full Story »

season of loss

In the parable of the lost coin, the woman who had ten silver coins lost one and did everything she could to find it. She swept the floor. She lit all the lamps in her home in hopes of seeing the coin sparkle in the light. She diligently searched until, finally, the coin was found. She broke out in jubilation, for what was lost was now found.

There are times in life when you lose or misplace things… keys, important insurance papers, socks, a favorite book and more. But after an intense search, you may find the lost items once again. The loss is momentary. Full Story »