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Somalia drought and famine

Bread for the World has announced its 2014 Offering of Letters to United States senators and representatives. Bread does not send these letters; Bread encourages and empowers individual Christians to conduct this annual letter-writing campaign, and this often occurs through churches. Full Story »


Everyday I have choices. Full Story »


Today it starts, and it starts in a big way… 100 miles with some of my newest best friends. Together we are beginning Bike Out Hunger – Texas 2013, which is a bicycle journey from The Woodlands to Giddings, over to Austin, then to Cameron up through Waco, over to Waxahachie and on into Arlington for the finish. By Saturday at noon, we’ll have each accumulated 445 miles over the six days. Full Story »


Sometimes I ride for the love of the sport. Full Story »


The 2013 six-day Bike Out Hunger – Texas ride is less than a month away and you still have time to sponsor a rider or register for any part of the ride. Full Story »

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36 brave cyclists from all over Texas rode up and down the hills of East Texas for 6 days!  Grueling at times!  Exhilarating at others!

Bike Out Hunger is now history…but your opportunity to reward these cyclists by giving to the Hunger Offering in their name at www.bikeouthunger.org lives on. You can still honor them!


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Bike Out Hunger
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The Pull of The Road: What Bike Out Hunger 2011 taught me