I remember as a little girl when my father was contemplating assuming the role of music leader in a neighboring community church. I was too young to know all of the discussions that took place, but one I do remember was when my parents talked to me about this possibility which would mean we had to attend another church. I probably didn’t respond the way they had hoped.  I remember having a pouty expression and saying “No, I don’t want to go.  All my friends are here.”  Full Story »


I fought long and hard not to make this move. I liked the way my life was. I finally felt settled – I knew the flow of my job after more than three years in my position. I had finally made good friends, and I felt at home when I was with my life group at church. I had found my place in ministry, discipling girls through the Baptist Student Ministry where my husband worked part time and teaching GAs at our church. I even knew the traffic patterns so well that I could maneuver the streets of this big metro area like the best of them! Full Story »


When Rolando Rodriquez was a kid, he breathed soccer, and it changed his life. It’s through a game of soccer that he met a missionary kid who shared about the love of Jesus with him. Through this, Rodriquez chose to follow Christ and the gospel flowed to his family as well. Full Story »

Young Boys And Girls In Football Team  With Coach

As athletes grow older and out of the ranks of high school and college sports, many turn to younger teams and begin coaching – sometimes for fun and sometimes as an occupation. For some, coaching comes through other natural connections, becoming the parents who coach their son or daughter’s team. Full Story »


We love the thrill, the camaraderie, the competition, the drive to push ourselves to do more. And this all comes from sports! Whether we are athletes ourselves or just a super fan, sports play a huge role in our lives. Our weekends are usually filled with games, whether that’s for a team we or our kiddos play on or from watching the game of “our” collegiate or professional sports team. Our DVRs are scheduled to capture our favorite championship games and our cable packages are packed with sports networks. Full Story »


Sports and recreational activities influence large portions of many family and individual schedules. Full Story »

dr hardage easter 2013 post

I, like many of you, have been watching the cable television mini-series on Sunday evenings “The Bible.” Personally, I think it has been fairly well done. Putting thousands of years of Biblical history and action into ten hours of television has to be an enormous challenge. I watched with interest how the director portrayed the request of the people of Israel for a king like the other nations around them had, rather than to adhere to the pleas of Samuel to allow God to be their one and only King. Full Story »