Easter meant two very important things in my small, elementary school mind: A new dress
a big basket of awesome candy.

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Since becoming a mom, my whole perspective about Easter has changed. My two-year-old daughter is like a walking/talking embodiment of my heart. Each day I become more amazed at how much my love continues to grow for her. Full Story »


At many turns in my life, I get the message – the gentle, loving redirection that my life so desperately needs. And lately, it’s been a repeated lesson about grace.

But I have a confession. I often haven’t listened. Full Story »


Before the Civil War, the average cost of a slave was about the equivalent of $40,000 in today’s currency. Today, a person can be purchased for about $90. And the number of slaves in our world today is much higher than it was at the height of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade years ago. Something must be done to change this dark reality.

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Though their ministry is not specifically to women caught in trafficking, Brett and Emily Mills, founders of Jesus Said Love, have come across trafficking rings as they have been about caring for exotic dancers and strippers and sharing the love of Christ with them. Their belief is that Jesus loves all people, yes, even strippers and that the church should be reaching out to them out of love. Below is a story originally published in Oct. 2012 that shares about what God is doing through the faithful obedience to love the women He has placed in their lives.

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Human trafficking depicted through film, art and literature can assist you and your church in grasping the scope of this issue. Below is a list of books, films and documentaries to help in your learning journey.

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One of the best ways to push back the darkness of human trafficking is to pray. We may not be able to physically see those trapped in trafficking or the brothels where many of them are forced to live, but God sees them and we can ask Him to move in a might way to bring freedom to these people and places. Full Story »