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Legalism is so tempting. Even if we understand the biblical concept of being saved by God’s grace through our faith, there is a pull toward legalism, to judge based on rules. Just as 2+2=4, we want to know what you have to add up to equal “good” or “godly.” Full Story »


A Washington contractor is suing a Virginia woman for posting scathing reviews online about the contractor’s work, according to the Washington Post. Full Story »


Drug use kills people, tens of thousands of them. Drug abuse obviously kills Americans, but the people I’m referring to here are not Americans, they are our neighbors to the south. When Americans buy and use drugs, they not only hurt themselves, they create deadly chaos in Mexico. Full Story »


Two years ago this fall I started drinking coffee while on a trip to Guatemala. When I started I didn’t know there was so much to learn. Just yesterday, I learned something new. Full Story »

Baylor game

Some days are more special than others. I think I always will remember Saturday, November 17, 2012, unless dementia robs me of it somewhere down the road. Full Story »


Ethics is about doing the right thing, doing what you ought to do in a situation. It’s about choices, and the Bible clearly says none of us make all right choices. We sin. Full Story »


Pursuit of the “common good” is one of my favorite expressions about the purposes of civic engagement. It’s a term that has a history dating back to Thomas Aquinas and has been resurrected more and more of late. Full Story »