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crossbridge prayer

CORPUS CHRISTI – Juan Rena was hungry and hurting when he came to the Crossbridge Fellowship Church food pantry. He had no idea how the Lord would change his life in the following year and lead him to become the director of the ministry that impacted him in so many ways. Full Story »


Right now our youngest daughter is learning to crawl and our older daughter, who is three, is walking as well as her mom and me.  As children, we know that we crawl before we walk, and walk before we run.  The same is true in your church when it comes to being on mission.  Many times people need to do something small before they are ready to do something larger.  Here at the BGCT we have mission opportunities for people at every level.  Whether it’s you or your church looking to get started, we want to help.

We have Disaster Recovery trips for people of all ages. Next summer we will be launching a new program that gets students involved in disaster recovery work during a weeklong mission experience.  If you are ready to expand your missions involvement, we have national and international opportunities through Texas Partnerships and through the Christian Life Commission, which offers work dealing specifically with hunger issues.  We also have ways for you to partner with churches in the Rio Grande Valley and in Mexico with our River Ministry and Mexico Missions staff.

If you are a college student, you can participate in our Go-Now program which sends college students all over the country and all over the world.   Speaking of college students, if you would like to work with international students on a college campus we have opportunities for available.  Through our Hope 1:8 Missionary Initiative people in your church can be on mission on a regular basis, either full time, part time, or once to twice a week.

We also have something called Mission Shaped Leadership training which can get your church thinking about missions in ways you never thought possible.   This training is about the development of disciples/leaders that are shaped by the mission of God.   Do you need training in how to do evangelism when you are on mission? We can help with that!  Would you like to partner with an ethnic church in your community? We can help make those connections!   Do you want to start a church, either an organic church or a conventional church? We can help your church do that!

No matter what size budget you have and no matter how much or little experience you have, there is something to be done, so let’s be on mission this year. It is time to get started and we can help!

Please contact Ryan Jespersen if you are not quite sure what to do yet.  We can help you see where your church is and how you can get started making steps to get on mission.


Texas Baptist mothers care so deeply. This Mother’s Day, their congregations honored them by caring for those who do not know where they will find their next meal.  Full Story »

Boys with Backpacks

In Lubbock – like many others places across the state – parents and guardians are struggling to make difficult choices about whether they can provide for their families. Often, they have to decide whether to pay bills or put food on the table. Full Story »

Ministry 1

Civil war displaced 190,000 people in the Central African Republic, including  Isabelle, a young mother who fled her home with nothing.  Full Story »


Ministries supported by the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering share stories and needs in their quarterly report to the Hunger Offering. Full Story »


Five-year old Njogu is a Kenyan orphan. Both his parents died from AIDS, and he is HIV positive, having contracted the virus through breastfeeding. He is among the most vulnerable of the vulnerable. Full Story »