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Most of us guys understand that whatever we’re building – the right set of tools makes all the difference.   The same is true in building our families. The right fatherhood tools make all the difference.    Full Story »

Who What Where When Why How Question

For many Christians, faith is reduced to an insurance policy against the fires of hell or a ticket that gets stamped for a trip to heaven.  After professing their faith, they may obtain some knowledge of the Bible and God, but radical spiritual transformation is left for the pros. Their goal is to simply to make it into heaven and no more.  Does your goal stop just inside of heaven? Full Story »

How to read your Bible

I clearly remember my teen years and my pastor’s commitment to God’s Word. He instilled in me a lifelong love for the scriptures and a hunger to know more intimately the Father who revealed Himself in the pages of the Bible. He helped me to develop several practices in Bible study that have helped me through the years. Full Story »


DALLAS – Students from First Baptist Church in Carrollton, First Baptist Church in Winnsboro and First Baptist Church in Seguin took top honors in the state Bible Drill and Speakers tournaments May 5. Full Story »


“Bible engagement” is a popular phrase in some circles, but what does it mean? And why is it important? (Just in case you were wondering, Bible engagement does not refer to the betrothal of  Mary to Joseph we read about in Scripture.) Full Story »

Leadership APPS
Regan Brown inside post

The last person to compete at the Austin Bible Drill regionals, Regan Brown was ready like she was so many times in practice – her sister on one side, her close friend on the other and a wide selection of Bible knowledge in her heart. Full Story »