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JUAREZ, Mexico – In 2013, Phil Miller, director of Bible Study/Discipleship, and Daniel Rangel, director of River Ministry and Mexico Missions, traveled to Juarez, Mexico, to bring attention to the growing need in the churches to receive training on teaching and sharing the gospel with others. The main focus of the training was how to have an evangelistic Sunday School. Full Story »

Tx Bap Ed Retreat

Leading a Significant Sunday School is the theme for the 2013 Texas Baptist Educators Retreat on April 15-17 in New Braunfels. Church staff with responsibility for adult or overall education/discipleship ministries will receive practical ideas and experience great fellowship with friends in ministry. Visit the retreat information pages to find out more and to register.


Friends of the BGCT may register for the 2013 Catalyst Dallas conference at a discounted rate through March 7. For more information about the conference, visit  catalystdallas.com. Click here to register with the special BGCT discount code.

juarez article

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Texas Baptists’ Bible Study Team is stepping up to help fill a ministry gap by providing training sessions here that typically would have been provided directly by churches on mission trips. Full Story »

church hope

For the Sunday school members who meet in Room 214 each week at First Baptist Church in Frisco, living out the hope of Christ is a natural part of what they do. This tangible hope touched the lives of the Franklins, who in turn shared with Pastor Chuck Martin a glimpse of the way God is working in their lives. The following letter was shared with Pastor Martin a few days after the Franklins attended Sunday school for the first time. Full Story »

The D Word

Just to be clear, the “d-word” is “discipleship.” And it’s controversial at times. Full Story »

A Daily Dose of the Word

D. L. Moody said, “The Scriptures were not given to increase our knowledge, but to change our lives.” When you listen to God speak through His Word, He can guide your life and strengthen you to live according to His plan.

Moody points out the most important reason to study the Bible and a common mistake people often make.  The reason to study Scripture is not just to know more. The Pharisees knew more about God than their peers, but they didn’t know God when He stood in their midst.  Full Story »