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“Bible engagement” is a popular phrase in some circles, but what does it mean? And why is it important? (Just in case you were wondering, Bible engagement does not refer to the betrothal of  Mary to Joseph we read about in Scripture.) Full Story »

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Listening to mission stories has always intrigued me.  Hearing about missionaries living in a foreign country, walking from one village to the next sharing the gospel, seeing people dramatically changed  because of Christ—I thought this was the life of missionaries and ministers.  I could imagine myself changing the world with a few words about how much God loves you.

Then reality set in—what am I able to do for God?  I stayed true to God’s calling in my own life and became a Minister of Childhood Education—because God wants lives to be changed.

Vacation Bible School is one avenue in which lives are changed.  BaptistWay Press has a free downloadable Vacation Bible School curriculum, Journey with Jesus: Following in His Footsteps.  You can download it from this website:  http://www.bgct.org/texasbaptists/Page.aspx?&pid=6876 .  This curriculum stresses the importance of being active in seeking what God wants to take place in your own life.  As Jesus helped the crippled man, many lives were changed that day as individuals witnessed the miracle of a man being healed.  When the robbers beat up and left the man to die, the Good Samaritan made a choice to help, even though temple leaders had passed by.  Everyone who saw this wounded man was changed that day.  Each made an intentional decision to assist or reject this helpless man.  The Good Samaritan—an outcast himself—choose to help.   Lives were changed in each of these passages.

We have the mission field in our own state of Texas.  Our Texas Baptist friends are ministering to and dramatically changing the lives of children in Texas, and all over the world.  They are straightforwardly helping children have changed lives.

This year we are excited that the VBS mission stories highlight our own Texas Baptist Childcare facilities:

  • South Texas Children’s Home, Beeville
  • Children at Heart Ministries, Round rock
  • Baptist Child and Family Services, San Antonio
  • Buckner Children and Family Services, Dallas
  • Breckenridge Village, Tyler

Our Texas Baptist children deserve to know that when they give their offering, a portion goes to help children have changed lives because of the intervention of our Texas Baptist Childcare facilities.  They will learn about Tegist, from Ethiopia who received shoes because Texas churches gave to Shoes for Orphan Souls, a ministry of Buckner International.  The Ryann’s could not have children, so they adopted children from Baptist Child and Family Services—they helped to change five children’s lives forever.  Ron and Diana have helped to change the lives of 150 children who have come to South Texas Children’s Home over their thirty years of being house-parents.  Bradley made an intentional decision to stay at Children At Heart Ministries instead of going back home.  He made this life-changing decision because Children At Heart was the right place for him.  Breckenridge Village is a residence for adults who have mental challenges.  Jerry’s life changed when his Mom died because he didn’t have a place to live anymore.  But, Breckenridge Village had a place for him!  He loves his new friends and his busy life.

What changes can happen during Vacation Bible School?  Children will make intentional decisions to follow Christ.    Children can give their VBS offering that will support Texas Baptist childcare facilities. Children can take the first steps to follow God’s direction into full time ministry.  A child’s life is changed and eternity is altered because of Vacation Bible School!

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The Childhood Ministry Summit of 2011, which is being held at Dallas Baptist University on August 12 and 13.  The Summit will feature Jim Burns, a leading Family Specialist, Executive Director of HomeWord, as keynote.  The Summit will also feature 20 leaders in their fields leading over 80 breakouts over the two day event.

Preschool and Children’s Ministers are encouraged to bring their entire leadership team because tracks will be conducted for weekday teachers, Preschool and Children’s Sunday School teachers, music teachers, missions teachers.  Of course, ministers will also benefit for a track just for them.

For more information, please go to this website www.texasbaptists.org/childhood for more information or call Bethany Frisch at 214-828-5205 or email her at bethany.frisch@texasbaptists.org.


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