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BROOKSHIRE — In winter of 2010, after two suicides and 20 drug overdoses from students at Royal High School, Pastor Bobby “Tre9” Herring was asked by the assistant principal of Royal High School and a local missionary if there was anything he could do to reach the youth of Brookshire. Full Story »

crossbridge fellowship

Many people would say life was going well for Mario Quezada. He had a sweet family. He was one of the head drivers for the area HEB trucking division making quite a nice salary. He and his wife were helping lead a church plant through Second Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, and it was growing into a healthy church.

But two years into the church plant, Mario started to sense that his time there at the church plant was coming to an end. Full Story »


FORT WORTH –New Creation Bible Church is a little, well, in the words of several of its members, weird. The church has no sign, and when the congregation tries to hang a banner announcing its presence, it’s asked to take it down. The congregation is known as the church with no sign that meets Sundays at 2:30. Full Story »

orange county

June 7, 2011- I had walked away from an established church many years ago, due to incidents within the church, which left my family outraged at a Baptist minister. My mother, father and sister joined the Methodist church. The incidents left me with mixed feelings and questions regarding the people who attend and policies of the Baptist church. It didn’t lessen my faith in the Lord; it simply left me alone in this world to hold on to that faith.

This became harder as the years went on. I found that the Baptist doctrine and the judgmental ways of the church suited me less and less every time I visited Baptist churches over the next 30 years. Eventually, I gave up trying to find a place where I fit in. Full Story »

second chances

They have been forgiven by the grace of God and have been called out to seek a life of discipleship in Him. The only difference from them and you is they have a past that includes incarceration.

Because of this past, many traditional churches are not connecting with their needs. Because of the labels they now carry, some churches are not able to let them around children, making it difficult for them to find community, a place of worship and a group for discipleship. Full Story »


DALLAS – In 2011, Woman’s Missionary Union of Texas is hoping Baptists will discover the 411 of missions. Full Story »


CORPUS CHRISTI – As the sun sets, a rag tag group of Christians with backgrounds of biblical proportions gathers in a small apartment in one of the worst areas of the city. Full Story »