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(This letter has been translated. It’s from Dora Isabel Alvarado de Collantes, National Coordinator of PEPE in Peru.)

Beloved brothers and sisters,
Once again, I share great news about the PEPE ministry (Programa de Educacion Pre Escolar)/Preschool Education Program in Peru. This program was started as a means of providing faith-based education to children that live in extreme poverty and whose access to education is very limited. By the grace of God we now have 38 PEPE units, more than 80 missionary volunteers who serve as educators as well as coordinators, 836 children, 554 families that have been ministered to, 166 adults as well as 454 children that attend Sunday school, 25 in discipleship, 9 baptisms and we hold a regional training every month. Full Story »

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We have created a program called Hope 1:8 Weekends in which we take the focus of Acts 1:8 to our churches. What is the mission of God for your church? Hope 1:8 Weekends can help us look inside our churches (the people, resources, gifts, skills, and passions) at what God has already placed there. It can help us answer the question, “What do we have that people around us need?” Full Story »


Throughout the history of humanity, two factors repeatedly have hindered the spread of the gospel – culture and language. Thanks to a new cutting-edge technology, one of those will be shattered in the most significant way since Pentecost. Full Story »


Today, Jan. 12, is the one year anniversary of the earthquake that destroyed significant portions of Port-Au-Prince and its surrounding areas in Haiti, killing more than 200,000 people and leaving 1.2 million homeless. Full Story »

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Think back to the time when someone shared the hope of Christ with you, and you accepted Christ’s gift of grace and salvation. How did that person connect the gospel message to your life, to where you were at spiritually during that time?

Part of you understanding the gospel message came through it being shared in your heart language (first language learned), related to your culture and connected to you in personal, direct ways. Full Story »

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Churches with steeples. Dressing in your Sunday best. Singing hymns with an organ or praise songs with a guitar. Using videos and PowerPoint in a sermon. Not dancing. Not drinking. Going to a Christian university. Only listening to Christian music. Supporting Republican politics. Wearing cross jewelry.

So often in our culture the gospel becomes Jesus plus these and other things. When people choose to be Christ followers in America, it’s like they are expected to follow Jesus and then a list of moral behavior or church traditions. Full Story »

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AUSTIN – For the predominantly Christian Karen people of Myanmar (formerly called Burma), life has been filled with religious persecution, causing many to flee their homeland. As more than 1,000 moved to Austin in recent years, those who are believers were left without a place to worship in their own language until a few months ago when a new church focused on reaching the Karen was started by local Baptist leadership. Full Story »