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BROOKSHIRE — In winter of 2010, after two suicides and 20 drug overdoses from students at Royal High School, Pastor Bobby “Tre9” Herring was asked by the assistant principal of Royal High School and a local missionary if there was anything he could do to reach the youth of Brookshire. Full Story »


A twenty-something Christian (or as I like to refer to them, “ChristOnes”) asked me about firepit Christ-follower gatherings…how does that work? These vary, but at their best, are contagious examples of groups being the body of Christ in a very relational atmosphere. A fire seems to open people up. Full Story »


Jay first showed up at the “green” church with an old friend who’d been a part of it for years. He was reluctant but searching for something deeper than he had experienced in the past. Full Story »

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One day, at a spring event serving hot dogs and fun in her apartment community, Maggie (hurting and lonely) met a Jesus-hearted pastor who willingly started talking with her. At one more of these fun events, Maggie met the man’s wife and their children, and decided “yes” she would join them on Sunday morning with the church group meeting in her apartment clubhouse. Within a few short weeks, Maggie came to know Jesus and was baptized in the swimming pool! She began to follow after Him and seek Him. Now she had hope! Full Story »

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I’m able to load up 15 or so kids every Wednesday in the church van and bring them to and from our Wednesday activities. Often kids will invite their friends, so I meet a lot of new kids from just driving the van. Full Story »


Constant family changes. Brokenness. Fewer family supports. Hurt. Struggle.

All of these characteristics often appear in the lives of families and individuals who live in multi-housing areas. It’s easy to walk right past the emotions of the characteristics, past the heartache that follows. Full Story »

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We all get hungry. After a hard day’s work, we begin to feel those slight rumblings in our bellies signifying the desire for food, the desire to be filled, to be nourished.

But do we ever think about how people are craving spiritual food and the opportunities we might have to help them? Full Story »