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When I was 12-years-old, I felt called to ministry. While the specifics of my calling were unclear, I knew I was supposed to spend my life engaged in some type of vocational ministry or mission work. Despite the lack of clarity in my calling, I was able to easily identify and explain my life’s purpose to others because of what the church referred to as: the call to special service.

But somewhere along the way many (or if we’re being completely honest, most) of us have stopped heeding the special service call. For some unknown reason, we believe people are simply going to hear and discern their calling for themselves – and nothing need to be on our part – or worse, we have stopped believe that people are called to vocational ministry or mission work.

This blog is titled “You are the Missionary,” because I believe all people are called to be on mission in their community, and to minister in their church context. Everyone is called to mission and ministry; however, there are some of us that will be called by God to a special type of service: the type of service that sends you across the ocean to serve an unreached people group, or that moves your heart to work in the inner-cities of Texas or our nation on a full-time basis.

Perhaps, God is moving in your heart to be a missional pastor or staff member of a church that will help people get on the mission of God for their lives. Leaders of local churches must begin in some way to issue this special call once again. This is vital, especially in regards to helping young people explore what it is God may be leading them to, just in the same way Eli helped Samuel.

For more information about the call to missions or ministry please contact either Steve Seaberry at steve.seaberry.texasbaptists.org or Ryan Jespersen at ryan.jespersen.texasbaptists.org.

For more information about Texas Baptists Initiative entitled Calling Out the Called please contact Jane Wilson at jane.wilson@texasbaptists.org.


DALLAS – Texas Baptists endorsed Hollas and Nelda Hoffman as the first Oil Patch Chaplains on Monday, February 24, during a meeting of the Executive Board. The Hoffmans, of Gonzales, will serve on the oil fields of South Texas as chaplains. Full Story »


As he watched his three-year-old daughter, Rachel Beth, go from door to door in a small neighborhood in Laredo, Ryan Jespersen saw the love of Christ overflowing from her enjoyment of preaching to people that stopped to listen as she told them that Jesus loved them. Full Story »

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We have created a program called Hope 1:8 Weekends in which we take the focus of Acts 1:8 to our churches. What is the mission of God for your church? Hope 1:8 Weekends can help us look inside our churches (the people, resources, gifts, skills, and passions) at what God has already placed there. It can help us answer the question, “What do we have that people around us need?” Full Story »


TAGAROH, Malaysia – Rainfall is plentiful and the soil is rich in northeast Sabah, a Malaysian state on the island of Borneo. But the rice farmers there still have difficulty providing adequately for their families. Full Story »

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Last year Texas Baptists and churches in the Rio Grande Valley launched Valley Reach 2010, an effort to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ across the Rio Grande Valley prior to the Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting.

I visited the Rio Grande Valley recently to discover that the outreach and ministry to the least of these continues across the Rio Grande Valley.  One church in particular, The Church of Acts located in Elsa in the Rio Grande Valley, continues to reach beyond its Jerusalem to meet spirituals and physical needs of the Indian Hills – East Colonia.  Full Story »

Rodriguez: Hope invigorates

MCALLEN – God is calling Texas Baptists to see through the challenges before them to claim and spread the hope that God provides, Victor Rodriguez said during the Baptist General Convention of Texas Annual Meeting sermon. Full Story »