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Risk sermon(1)

“We might not come back alive.”

That is what Nancy Davis told some of her friends before returning with her husband to their mission field in Mexico.

She was right. In January of last year, Nancy and her husband Sam were driving in Mexico near the United States border. The couple encountered a check point set up by criminals and tried to drive past it. Armed men pursued and fired at them. One of the shots fatally struck Nancy in the head. Full Story »


You may have noticed the attention by the media on the violence in the Border/Mexico area. Many mission leaders in Texas and beyond also have raised concern and are debating whether or not they should continue their mission trips to this area. Several groups have continued serving in this area while others have canceled their partnerships and trips. Full Story »


I believe we choose some assignments and others are chosen for us. I think the answer to why I have, for many years, served in Juarez, Mexico and continue to do so begins in my childhood days growing up in Austin, Texas. Full Story »

Faithful obedience

My husband, Keith, and I are passionate about reaching out to the lost in the world. Before we got married in June of 2010, we decided that our marriage should be centered on Christ and be completely about bringing glory to his name. So when we heard David Platt speak at Student Week that summer in Glorieta, New Mexico, we started looking past the typical married life of the American Dream and fixed our focus on using our resources to reach the lost and dying wherever we live and throughout the rest of the world. We surrendered our lives to Jesus, no matter where He would lead us. Full Story »