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God and country article

Thousands of Christian ministers currently serve as military chaplains—in the Army, Navy and Air Force—on Active Duty, in the Reserves and in the National Guard. Full Story »


Don’t say it! I know what’s coming… “I just don’t know how you do it.”  This is most people’s response to the wild life of the military family.  So, I’ll answer that one first. You see, there’s this guy. He is God, and there is nothing normal or controllable about Him.  When you really get involved with Him, your life gets a little…a lot crazy and a lot wonderful. Full Story »


During my first deployment to Iraq in 2003, I had great support from my church family in Belton. I knew my wife was being looked after by godly friends and a great community of believers. As much as First Baptist Church Belton (FBCB) did for us during those months of separation and the unknown, I knew so much more could be done. Full Story »


The spiritual needs of the American military community are met in part by chaplains from a variety of denominations. Base chapels have many of the same inner workings as a civilian church – choirs, ushers, lay readers, youth programs, Sunday School and steering committees made up of parishioners. Full Story »