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One. Single. Individual.  These synonymous words when viewed separately sound forlorn and lonely.  Yet, when put together as a phrase, they become the backbone of a missional effort among a lost pocket of people:  multi-housing residents. Full Story »


When you step foot onto the Green Acres/Astoria Park apartment complex in Amarillo, you might think that you are traveling the world as you quickly experience more than a dozen different cultures. Refugee families who have come all around the world occupy more than 85 percent of the 358 apartments. Full Story »

Salvation Beads

Find the right place

The right place, of course, is the place that God wants you to be. It will take time in prayer to discern God’s direction. Sometimes the place God chooses for you will already be open and ready for you to begin. At other times, you will be confident of God’s direction, but the place He has chosen for you isn’t yet open to the ministry. In those times, you will need to wait patiently for God to open the door. There may be times through the years when ownership or management in your place of service changes, and doors which were once wide open to you will be closed. In those difficult times, the knowledge of God’s call to this place will sustain you and keep your ministry strong. Full Story »


To begin a multi-housing church or ministry you need a prayer plan more than an activity plan. The highest goal is to plant a simple, on-site expression of the Body of Christ as an extension of the church among multi-housing residents to lead them in being His hands, His heart, His voice, His compassion among their friends and family. Full Story »