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Across the street

Drive through any Texas city—rustic or refined, small or spacious—and two community institutions stand out: churches and schools. They often stand side-by-side.  But research and popular opinion tell us that close proximity notwithstanding, philosophically, they may be miles apart. Full Story »

classroom misison field 2

For seven hours a day, five days a week, 180 days a year, I have a HUGE mission field. It is a bit unusual to think about school children being a people group that needs to be reached, but it is true. If I don’t live out the gospel and do not actively share it, who is going to share it with these children? Full Story »

Getting a school ministry started

Schools are unique places to be. Every moment of every day is carefully crafted and purposefully planned. Most of the people who choose education as a career genuinely believe they can make a difference in our society because of education. Full Story »

sent to school

Yellow buses. New clothes. Pencils, notebooks, folders and glue. Yes, school has begun. Every year holds great promise along with some anxiety as parents, children, teachers, and administrators launch a new year. Full Story »


In high school, Alex Menjivar said he wasn’t the best student. He just got by. He knew he wanted to go to college but didn’t have any direction, that is, until his church helped him through the college process. Alex’s dad, Brother Nestor Menjivar, who also is the pastor of the church – Iglesia Bautista Principe de Paz in Austin, gave him and other students like him in the youth group the help they needed to take the next step in their education. Full Story »