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My Story of Hope
I grew up in a wonderful home with two wonderful, God-loving parents. My mother and father were very young when they married. I had many wonderful life experiences. However, growing up, the importance of education was not instilled. Full Story »


I am committed to promote high school graduation and college attainment in the Hispanic community of faith in Texas. I am thankful that Texas Baptist congregations decided to take action to thwart the tsunami of Hispanic high school dropouts. Praise God for Texas Baptists desiring to offer academic help and hope. Full Story »


What’s easy to get into but hard to get out of?
Student loan debt. If you earned a bachelor’s degree and are in your mid-twenties, this is your number one answer. College is a life-changing experience, but most students are not financially prepared when they decide to enroll in classes. Full Story »

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Acts 17:26-27
26 From one man He made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. 27 God did this so that they would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from any one of us. (Acts 17:26-27) Full Story »