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We are in schools everywhere. We are beginning to flood the job market. We are starting to have families. We vote. We are diverse, environmentally-aware and non-religious. We are the next generation. We are the Millennials.  Full Story »


“One Generation Commends Your Works to Another.”  Psalm 145:4

A young couple had recently graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and had returned to speak at our mid-week worship service. They looked like students and talked like students and they also were deeply committed Christ-followers. They had so much they wanted to communicate with those dear to their hearts and near to their age. Full Story »

millennial communication

As important as communication is, you would think that God would have made it a simpler task. Yet it seems as though we constantly encounter barriers, whether it be between the sexes, between age groups or even different regions of the same country. And that is not to speak of the challenges of communicating in another culture! Full Story »

Millennial challenge

Have the Boomer and Builder generations, in search of stability, forgotten the days when we wanted to impact our world?  Have we forgotten our calling as change agents in the Kingdom of God?

Hebrews 12:1-2 reminds us that as long as we still have breath we are running the race. Full Story »