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A heart to share Gods love

It was a cold day in December, yet, for my three sons, my wife and I, there was warmth felt among us that could only be experienced through sharing the love of Christ. We had delivered Christmas gifts to Ms. Gonzales.* She was well into her 80s, had many obvious physical limitations and moved around her modest home slowly, depending on a walker for assistance. Full Story »

Looking into those sweet old eyes

When I first started looking into those sweet, old eyes, it wasn’t long after I my husband and I moved to Allen. We came to First Baptist Church in Allen in September of 2008. After we had moved from Houston to be near our only son and family. We had one grandson, Jake, who was five, and Jett, who was on the way. Full Story »

Saints on a shelf

They’re known as the “saints” of the church, “our treasures,” “most revered.” There are so many names for this group. So who are they? Full Story »