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Church Administration covers a vast array of categories such as incorporation, constitution and bylaws, church committees, church officers, etc. Churches face challenging administration issues on a day-by-day basis. Customized church administration services are designed to provide recommendations of resources and information to help churches. Contact us for more information.

Responding to Sexual Misconduct

Sometimes church leadership is called upon to minister to families of the church who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse. Sometimes the misconduct is the result of volunteers who have acted inappropriately. Sometimes the misconduct is committed by employees or church staff against those for whom they had some responsibility. If your church must respond to issues of clergy sexual misconduct, or leadership must confront sexual misconduct in the church, the BGCT can help. We offer a broad scope of information that addresses any number of issues you or your church may face.

Keeping Your Church Out of Court

This CD-Rom contains forms that your church can use to answer legal questions, to create job applications and screen personnel policies. It also offers advice on how your church can carefully conduct its affairs under state and national laws and do so in a manner that provides some legal insulation from lawsuits. Contact us at 214.828.5190.

Church Constitution and By-Laws Assistance

When your new church is ready to be constituted, the BGCT can help. By providing assistance and advice, we can usher you and your staff through the paperwork and processes of constituting your church, drafting a constitution and by-laws, transferring debt and deeds, and more.

Minister Job Descriptions

When churches are seeking to fill staff positions, they often find that they need to create a new job description for that position or revise the one they already have. There is no one correct job description for a local church staff position in a Baptist church. However, the Leader Connect Office of the Congregational Leadership Team provides sample job descriptions as one resource for churches to consider when creating/revising some of the more common church staff positions.
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Church Administration Documents
Church Budget Template
Church Staff Compensation Guide
Child Protection Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Developing a Constitution and By-Laws
Developing a Constitution and By-Laws – Spanish
Financial Controls
Sexual Harassment & Misconduct Policies
New Member Packets
Personnel Committee Guidelines
Sample Guidelines for Developing a Vacation Policy
Sample Policies and Procedure Manual
Severance Pay
Steps To Incorporation
Time Away and Vacation Policies
Why Incorporation