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According to public records, the following persons are included in The Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry or have been convicted of a sexual offense. Baptist General Convention of Texas records indicate that these persons may have been ministers in a BGCT-affiliated church.

Additional names will be posted as the BGCT is provided with accurate information about clergy who are convicted of a sexual offense. This page should not be considered exhaustive or complete as the BGCT does not have the resources to make private investigations.

Andrew Argent – Texas DPS offender database SID#07497384

Joshua Ross Hyles – Texas DPS sex offender database SID# 05941153

Michael Lee Jones – Texas DPS sex offender database SID# 06217201

Joel Dean Joslin – Texas DPS sex offender database SID# 07106980

John O. McKay, Jr. – Texas DPS offender database SID#07081987

Larry Nuell Neathery – Texas DPS offender database SID#07454573

Morris David Roberts – Texas DPS sexual offender database SID# 07151613

Frank William Sizemore – Texas DPS sexual offender database SID# 02014333

Kenneth Eugene Ward – Texas DPS sexual offender database SID# 06191027

Robert Alton McClurg – Texas DPS offender database SID# 07443727

In addition to the names listed above, in keeping with the mission of the BGCT and as a public service, the Convention endeavors to maintain records relating to confirmed* cases of sexual abuse or sexual improprieties by members of the clergy in BGCT-affiliated churches. We do not have the resources to make independent investigation of these matters, nor can we guarantee the accuracy of the information reported to us. Churches are advised to investigate the background of persons they may hire, particularly those who will fill a ministerial role. Churches should not rely exclusively on information provided by the Convention.

If you would like more information on how to conduct background investigations or to obtain information from the BGCT regarding clergy sexual misconduct, please visit www.texasbaptists.org/brokentrust and click on the link for church resources.

* Confirmed cases are those cases in which (1) persons have been convicted of sexual crimes; (2) confessed to sexual misconduct or sexual improprieties, or (3) there is a report from duly elected church officials that sexual misconduct or sexual improprieties have occurred. These improprieties can include consensual adult relationships outside of marriage.


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