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Finding a new pastor that fits your congregation and is the person God wants there is a critical mission. Texas Baptists has a number of resources that can assist your church during this time. Further, through an intentional interim, a church can further discover who they are and the type of pastor God is leading them to call.

Initial Assistance

We can provide:

  • Initial Consultation—Discuss issues and resources you need to be aware of during the interim period
  • Referrals—in most cases, we can provide names of supply preachers and trained traditional interim pastors

Intentional Interim Ministry

IIM is the most effective means of getting a church ready to search for the next pastor, especially if:

  • The church has lost focus, vision, and momentum
    and is in decline
  • Pastor leaving has been at the church for eight or more years
  • The church is in, or headed into, conflict
  • Before searching for a pastor, the church devotes a season of time to a self-study, with the guidance of interim pastor specialists.
  • To find out more about the IIM, click here.
  • To find out how to be trained to become an IIM pastor, click here.

Pastor Search Committee Training

Today, we do NOT follow your father’s pastor search committee method. Much has changed. Even if you have experienced search committee team members in your church (sometimes, BECAUSE you have experienced people who only know the methods of long ago) you should consider getting specialized training for your team. We can provide:

  • Two hour workshops on the search process
  • A full day retreat (recommended) that includes team building, spiritual foundations, and training in the process
  • Training Manuals

Finding Candidates

When your search committee is finally ready to seek the names of potential candidates, there are a number of resources available. Minister Connection is our new online tool and database of open positions at BGCT-affiliated churches as well as ministerial profiles of candidates looking for church positions. To view our new tool click here.

Other Resources

Pastor Ministry Staff Search Committee Reference Guide

The Minister Search Committee Reference Guide is the newly revised BGCT reference for church search committees. The document has step-by-step suggestions to guide the church and committee through the search process and also provides information about how to access several other resources that a search committee should find helpful.


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