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“United We Build” Capital Fund Raising Campaign

The expense of purchasing land and constructing new buildings is often greater than a church can afford without a special campaign. “United We Build” helps Texas Baptist churches raise the money necessary to meet these financial needs. This three-year program, built on the principles of prayer and God’s leadership, leads church members to make a commitment to give to the building project.

The key feature of “United We Build” is the “Spiritual Preparation Weekend”, which provides the spiritual foundation for the entire program. There is a special version of “United We Build” for smaller membership churches.

Church Budget Programs

Although stewardship should be part of the ongoing discipleship ministry of your church, periodically there is a need for a special emphasis. This is usually a three to six-week emphasis that includes publicity, Bible study, preaching, and other features. These budget programs provide a concentrated effort to increase the stewardship level of your congregation, and all can be tailored to fit your unique needs.

Budget Worksheets

Budget worksheets serve as a guide for development of your church budget. Once these worksheets are loaded on your computer, all computations are done automatically. These worksheets also provide suggestions based on averages from other churches and allow you to see if your church expenditures are in line with what others are doing. They also serve as a reminder of expenses that you might overlook. These budget worksheets are an excellent resource for smaller churches or new churches.

Tax Guide for Churches

This guide English (pdf) or Spanish (pdf), is for withholding and reporting payroll taxes in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code includes Social Security and Medicare taxes, federal income tax, reporting and paying employment taxes, information returns, unemployment taxes, workers compensation Insurance, minister’s housing allowance, employee business expenses and moving expenses.