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These tracts that can be used in a variety of ways to teach basic stewardship truths.  They are short and very contemporary. They take a minute or less to read but they teach an eternal truth.

These set of tracts can be used as bulletin inserts, mail outs, giveaways in the church foyer, or any number of other options. They cost $4.00 for a package of 50 (same title) and can be ordered from the Service Center of the BGCT. Additional tracts will be produced in the near future. Please contact the Office of Stewardship for further information.

Estate Stewardship
Estate Stewardship is probably the most neglected area of stewardship education among Baptists. Estate Stewardship is planning for the disposition of one’s estate to provide for the needs of famil. Download Brochure »

Biblical Basis of Stewardship
The word “steward” as found in the New Testament, is a translation of the Greek word from which our English word “economy” comes. Download Brochure »

Greed or Need
Herbert Goodman of Bremerton, Washington, died at the age of 90. Goodman worked as a janitor until just a few days before his death.  Download Brochure »

Money is not the God of our Lives
The young man came to Jesus seeking the- answer to the most important question of life – “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Luke 18:18). Download Brochure »

Are Leftovers Good Enough for God
Even on a hot summer afternoon, rain is not always a welcome sight. When it is harvest time, there is the constant fear that the weather might cause the loss of the crop. The farmer knows the urgency of the harvest. Download Brochure »

Dangerous Debt
The overly friendly cashier takes the merchandise and politely asks, “May I put this on your charge card?” It sounds very tempting, especially since we are not sure we have enough money for this purchase anyway. Download Brochure »

Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time there was a man who had nothing…And God gave him ten apples…He gave him the first three apples to eat. He gave him three more apples to trade for a shelter form the sun and rain. Download Brochure »

The Image of God
In Matthew 22:17-21, Jesus was asked a very appropriate question. The Pharisees’ question was posed for
the purpose of trapping Jesus in a response that would incite the crowds. Download Brochure »


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