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Speaking to Texas Baptists, not for them.

“From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required.” Luke 12:48b NRSV

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Therefore: children at Work
For millions of children there is no time to be a child. Work fills the day. Millions of them produce goods for US consumers. Children work to help their families, to pay for school, to survive. While there is no accurate accounting of how many of the world’s children contribute to their families’ or their own economic support, the number of working children is surely in the hundreds of millions. Read more »

Therefore: Economic Ethics and the Ten Commandments
One of the most interesting versions of the Ten Commandments appears in Deuteronomy 5. Long before that passage was written down, Moses had led the people out of slavery. Yet many did no know how to deal with their liberation. Read more »

Therefore: Faith in the Workplace
If the faith that we have has to be kept in the church house, it becomes root-bound and irrelevant. It needs the challenge of the workplace, and the workplace needs the perspective of faith. Do you think that our society is just sitting with bated breath waiting for us to bring our faith to the workplace? Read more »


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