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Following is a list of issues for which the Christian Life Commission has materials and for which it works in the public process:

Alcohol and Addiction

The CLC supports policies that promote treatment of alcohol, drug abuse and other addictions. The CLC works on initiatives to address the epidemic of underage drinking as a collective, civic responsibility.

Campaign Ethics and Open Government

The word of God carries the message of integrity and leadership and encourages faithful stewardship of responsibilities. The CLC supports legislative efforts toward ethics reform, particularly efforts to deal with the issues of campaign finance and the influence of lobby money on the legislative process.

Children and Family

The Biblical image of God as parent is a reminder of the precious treasure of childhood. Texas children are entitled to a childhood grounded in faith and set within a culture that supports stability, love, and hope.

Christian Citizenship

Christian citizenship is a response to the call of God and the example of the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world. As caring Christians, we are called to reach out to the needs of the world with talents, spiritual gifts and compassion.

Church and State

All human beings have the right to freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of conscience and dissent, freedom of religion and freedom to assemble peacefully. The CLC supports legislation that maintains the separation of church and state.

Criminal Justice

We are all equally God’s children and objects of God’s love. All people have the right to be recognized as persons before the law and to enjoy its equal protection. The CLC supports reforms in corrections, sentencing and equitable representation under the law.


The future and the well-being of Texas is determined by the success of public education and life-long learning. The availability of education is vital for developing God’s gifts, understanding and wisdom. The CLC supports legislation that furthers quality schooling for all Texas students.


All persons are created equal in God’s image, and all share responsibility for Gods’ creation. The well-being of God’s creation is our concern and responsibility both for now and for those who follow us in the future.


God’s word guides us away from the exploitation of others as a foundation of our community. The Christian Life Commission works in collaboration with Texans Against Gambling and the Campaign for Common Sense and Sound Public Policy to limit the spread of legalized gambling.

Health and Long Term Care

Life, liberty, and security of person are God-given rights. Our health and well-being depend on the cooperative nature of community at local, state, and national levels of government.

Immigration and the Border

God’s word challenges us to care for the alien, to cherish and protect one another’s rights and freedoms. All human beings are subject to limits determined by law in order to best respect the rights and freedoms of all persons and to foster international peace. The CLC advocates sound security, “smart borders,” uniting families, and comprehensive immigration reform. In working with this priority, Buckner International and the Baptist General Convention of Texas created the Immigration Service and Aid Center (ISAAC) to assist churches in providing compassionate, legal and timely ministry to immigrants of all nationalities.


Although the right of free speech is assured by the Constitution, no one is assured the right to pander obscenity. The messages of pornography deceive, demean and lead to abuse and addictions, violating important human and spiritual relationships.

Poverty and Human Services

No issue in Scripture commands our attention more than hunger and poverty. Throughout the Bible, the people of God are called to minister to the poor in their midst. The policy to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged Texans and those who work with them is a priority for the CLC as it supports initiatives for food distribution, workforce development and welfare reform. The CLC also advocates for volunteer centers and services for the needy.

Sanctity of Human Life and Abortion

The CLC affirms the sacredness and dignity of all human life, born and unborn, as revealed in Scripture. The CLC opposes abortion, supports ministries that make alternatives to abortion possible and encourages biblical instruction concerning sexual responsibility.

State Government

A world in which human relationships are marked by freedom, justice, well-being and peace is at the heart of the Bible’s prophetic vision. The Bible also demonstrates that such conditions cannot thrive without human willingness and effort to safeguard such basic human rights and freedoms.

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If you have any questions regarding public policy matters, please contact the CLC Austin office.