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The CLC supports a full legislative program for needy and abused children and works in cooperation with Texans Care for Children.

Legislative priorities

  • Reform and reorganization for effective, compassionate, child protective and family services, including effective partnerships that impact faith-related child and family services.
  • Promote an effective eligibility system that supports access to services and also recognizes the limits of community-based and faith-related services.
  • Strengthen efforts to provide immunization and health insurance for all children in Texas.
  • Clarify the nature and definitions of marriage and family used in Texas code.


Chart-Contracting CPS Permanency Services (pdf)
Health and Human Services Commission report on CPS (pdf)
Center for Public Policy Priorities – CPS Budget (pdf)
Agencies Contact Information for Foster Care (pdf)
Buckner Foster Care Narrative (pdf)
Compilation of Buckner Benevolence Programs (pdf)
Child Brochure (pdf)
Child handout (pdf)
State Recognized Churchgoers as Good Foster Parents (pdf)


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