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All people have the right to be recognized under the law with justice. The CLC supports reforms in corrections, sentencing and equitable representation under the law.

Legislative priorities

  • Strengthen the appropriate role of religion and the place of chaplains in all levels of the prison system.
  • Add “life without parole” as an option for Texas juries.
  • Assure competent legal representation for indigent Texans, especially in capital cases.
  • Adopt safeguards to detect and protect innocence throughout Texas criminal justice proceedings.
  • Strengthen the re-entry process for ex-offenders with work-ready ID and access to employment.
  • Support greater efficiency in the Probation System in Texas. Currently, approximately one third of the state prisoners come by way of probation.
  • Create options that will keep people with mental illness who commit minor crimes from being charged with a crime and entering the criminal justice system.


Criminal Justice Newsletter (pdf)
Christians and Capital Punishment (pdf)
Christians and Captial Punishment – Summary (pdf)
Model Moratorium Resolution (pdf)
Children of Incarcerated Storybook Project (pdf)
2002 BGCT Resolution on Praying for Peace and Calling Us to Love our Enemies (pdf)
2004 BGCT Resolution on Criminal Justice (pdf)
Should Juvenile Offenders Receive the Death Penalty (pdf)
Justice O’Connor Remarks – transcript (pdf)
Failures of the Death Penalty by Bella English (pdf)
Failures of the Death Penalty by Kerry Max (pdf)


Austin-American Statesman Calls for Moratorium (pdf)
Baptist Commission Endorses Moratorium on Death Penalty (pdf)
New Orleans Times article – No Money for ID (pdf)
Comments by a Baptist Prison Chaplain on Justice Incarceration and Jesus’ Model for Tolerance and Mercy (pdf)


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