The future and the well being of Texas is determined by the success of public education and life-long learning. Education is important towards realizing the gift of God’s potential for human life.

Legislative priorities

  • Oppose the funding of private and parochial schools through vouchers or any other means providing public moneys for private sectarian use.
  • Support and expand proven efforts (such as drop out prevention programs) to increase the number of high school graduates of all ethnic groups.
  • Support the expansion of adult literacy and learning through workforce development.


Education Newsletter (pdf)
Religion in Schools (pdf)
Bible Literacy Report (pdf)
Religious Liberty, Public Education, and the Future of American Democracy (pdf)
Dietz Court Decision (pdf)
CLC Statement on Vouchers (pdf)
Voucher Package (pdf)
Vouchers Violate the First Freedom (pdf)


Textbook Funding by Mary Helen Berlanga (pdf)
It’s Time to Fix Public Education (pdf)
A letter (pdf) to representatives and their staff on school voucher voting
Private School Vouchers are a Bad Idea (pdf)


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