Legalization of gambling harms the citizens of the state. The BGCT’s Christian Life Commission works in collaboration with Texans Against Gambling and the Campaign for Common Sense and Sound Public Policy to limit the spread of legalized gambling.

Legislative priorities

  • Oppose plans to expand gambling or add casinos as a business model for Texas.
  • Oppose proposal for VLT/slot machines.
  • Promote strong regulatory functions, transparency and accountability of state agencies related to gambling enterprises.


Gambling with Our Children’s Futures (pdf)
How did your Represenative Vote? (pdf)
Just Say No! (pdf)
Bingo Pop Quiz (pdf)
BLTS and VLTS Constitutional Questions (pdf)
Eight-liner Response (pdf)
TDCCA Gaming, Gambling and Eight-liners (pdf)
Lone Star Report (pdf)
State Tribal table (pdf)
CHIP Expenditures (pdf)
Legislative Rank and per Capita by Lottery Retailer (pdf)
Lottery and Fiscal Policy (pdf)
Main Reasons to Oppose VLTslots and Casino Style Gambling (pdf)
A Bad Choice for School Funding (pdf)
Cost of Addiction Bankruptcy and Crime (pdf)
Cost of Path Gamblers (pdf)
Gambling and Crime (pdf)
New Zealand Implements Big Plan after Gambling Addiction Soars (pdf)


Against the Odds (pdf)
Gambling – Is it an answer to Budget Problems (pdf)
Gambling on Gaming (pdf)
Lobbyists Lose on Basic Procedure (pdf)
Who Profits from Gambling (pdf)
Gambling Impact (pdf)
Gambling Brings Increase in Crime (pdf)
Looking for Losers in Anderson County (pdf)
Gambling Addiction (pdf)


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