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Learning Activities for Sixth to Eighth Grades

Your Opinion Please

This activity will help youth examine their knowledge and beliefs about substance abuse and provide them with accurate information about the effects of using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Focus Scripture: John 10:10.
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Anti-Drug Ads That Tell the Truth

Youth will identify the purpose of advertising and how it works. They will then use these ideas in a fun activity to develop advertising that tells the truth about drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Focus Scripture: Matthew 6:24.
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What’s There to Do Around Here?

Kid’s often complain, “There’s nothing to do in this town that’s fun.” This activity will help identify a variety of “things to do” that are fun, safe, and legal, which do not involve drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Focus Scripture: Matthew 6:33.
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Top Ten Ways to Say No

The best defence is to be prepared with a good offense. This activity is a fun way to help youth learn new and creative ways to say no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and resist pressure to go along with the crowd. Featured Scripture: Matthew 10:32.
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What Makes a Good Friend?

Sometimes the need to “belong” clouds the issue on the meaning of friendship. This activity will help each young person identify qualities he or she brings to a friendship and the qualities he or she looks for in a friend. Focus Scripture: Proverbs 17:17.
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Friendship and Conflict

When conflict over moral issues puts stress on a friendship, the results can be hurtful. This excercise will help kids learn and practice ways to resolve conflict with their friends while maintaining their own ingetrity. Focus Scripture: Ephesians 4:32.
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Resisting Peer Pressure

Help children Identify how peer pressure affects them, and how to say “no” to behaviors that would hurt them. Focus Scripture: Ephesians 6:10 .
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Learning Activities for Junior High and High School

What’s Okay To Do and What’s Not

Adolescents will explore choices people make to use or not to use drugs, alcohol and tobacco while considering the consequences of making those choices. Focus Scripture: John 8:32.
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Why Some People Make Poor Decisions

Young people will increase their knowledge of alternative behaviors by identifying reasons why some young people choose to use drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Focus Scripture: John 15:10-11.
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Feeling Good About Taking a Stand

Youth will think about their beliefs on drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and will learn what some adults in their congregation believe about these topics. They also will discover what the Bible teaches about these substances. Focus Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:2.
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Marijuana Game Show

Youth will learn facts about marijuana to counter common myths and misconceptions. Focus Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:22.
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Avoiding Risky Business

Youth will explore risky situations and consequences of their actions and ways they might respond if they are ever in a similar situation. Focus Scripture: Matthew 10:32-33.
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Laying Down the Burden of Lies

Young people will feel some of the emotional and spiritual burdens brought on by lying about drug or alcohol use. Focus Scripture: Proverbs 15:14.
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Media Images. Friend or Foe?

Help youth learn critical thinking skills about the media; determine whether media images support or conflict with their values and faith regarding the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Focus Scripture: Ephesians 6:10.
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Taking the Sting Out of Stress

Youth will identify sources of stress, recognize the effects of stress, and learn new ways to manage stress. Focus Scripture: John 14:27.
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Learning Activities for High School

If I Don’t Drink, What’s In It for Me?

Youth can hear lots of reasons from friends about why they should drink. This activity will help them identify the benefits and wisdom of not drinking alcohol. Focus Scripture: Matthew 6: 19-21.
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Giving Others a Helping Hand

Young people will learn what to do and what to say in the process of helping a friend or family member whose use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco concerns them. Focus Scripture: Proverbs 27:6.
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Learning Activities for Youth and Adults

Drug Prevention in Our Community

Youth and adults will identify ways they can work together to tackle the issues of drug and alcohol abuse. Focus Scripture: Matthew 5:14-16.
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Resources for Parents and Youth Leaders

Parent Helps

Recent studies show that clear and consistent messages from parents to children about drugs, alcohol and tobacco do make a very important difference. The study addresses ways in which parents can talk to their kids about substance abuse.
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Building a Positive Self Image in Teens

Teens with positive self-images have more confidence in making the choice to abstain from using drugs or alcohol. This resource provides some keys for adults to use in helping adolescents acquire a positive self-image.
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Developing Good Communication with Kids

Sometimes communication is difficult between parents and adolescents. This resource provides help for parents and youth leaders in learning some new methods to communicate effectively with teens.
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Hard Facts About Drugs

A comprehensive look at drugs and alcohol including appearance, method of use and possible effects.
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Drug Misuse and Abuse

When does drug use become abuse? What are the symptoms of drug misuse and abuse and what are the characteristics of particular drugs that are abused?
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Laws Regarding Underage Drinking

The Texas Zero Tolerance law and legal consequences for youth.
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Biblical Perspectives on the Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs

This resource explores what the Bible has to say about drugs and alcohol and gives a theological perspective for dealing with the issue of substance abuse.
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Foundational Virtues

Bible studies are provided for the important issues of community, courage and truthfulness.
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The Bible and the Twelve Steps

An overview of the 12 Steps from Alcoholics Anonymous and a Biblical perspective of the steps.
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