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Pathways to Prevention: Drug Prevention for Your Congregation

Pathways to Prevention: Drug Prevention for Your Congregation, is a church-based CLC curriculum for youth which is available for immediate download. The curriculum is age-graded, providing seven lessons for grades 6-8, eight lessons for junior-senior high school, and two lessons for older high school. Two additional lessons are designed to be used jointly by high school students and their parents. Several helpful supplemental resources are provided in the appendix. Focal scriptures are included for each lesson. The lessons are independent, and content can be tailored to fit congregational needs.

Click here to learn more about Pathways to Prevention.

Click here to view Pathways to Prevention Learning Activities for Youth and Adults.

Do Something: Substance Abuse Ministry DVD

Introducing Do Something: A Substance Abuse Ministry DVD available through the Christian Life Commission. To order, contact Alicia Enriquez at 214.828.5192, or e-mail alicia.enriquez@bgct.org. The cost is $2.

Parent Helps

Recent studies show that clear and consistent messages from parents to children about drugs, alcohol and tobacco do make a very important difference. The study addresses ways in which parents can talk to their kids about substance abuse.

Building a Positive Self Image in Teens

Teens with positive self-images have more confidence in making the choice to abstain from using drugs or alcohol. This resource provides some keys for adults to use in helping adolescents acquire a positive self-image.

Developing Good Communication With Kids

Sometimes communication is difficult between parents and adolescents. This resource provides help for parents and youth leaders in learning some new methods to communicate effectively with teens.

Hard Facts About Drugs

A comprehensive look at drugs and alcohol including appearance, method of use and possible effects.

Drug Misuse and Abuse

When does drug use become abuse? What are the symptoms of drug misuse and abuse and what are the characteristics of particular drugs that are abused?

Laws Regarding Underage Drinking

The Texas Zero Tolerance law and legal consequences for youth

Biblical Perspectives on the Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs

This resource explores what the Bible has to say about drugs and alcohol and gives a theological perspective for dealing with the issue of substance abuse.

Foundational Virtues
Bible studies are provided for the important issues of community, courage and truthfulness.

The Bible and the Twelve Steps

An overview of the 12 Steps from Alcoholics Anonymous and a Biblical perspective of the steps.


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